Race Ramps 67" service ramp options

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The best ramps you’ll ever own. Race Ramps Car Service Ramps are perfect for the low-profile vehicle – they lift your car up to 10″ off of the ground with a gentle 10.8 degree incline. Their solid core gives you rock-solid stability, yet they’re lightweight and easy to store and transport (they come complete with carrying straps). They are available in a one-piece or two-piece version, the latter enabling you to remove the incline portion for greater access under the car once raised (and chocked!). Whether you’re putting your car on display for a show, giving your baby a tune up, or just changing the oil, these ramps will be instant favorites.

Use them in the garage without worrying about scratching your floors. They won’t move, won’t rust, won’t splinter, and won’t break. These are so sturdy and textured that they won’t even scoot on ice! This makes them the safest, most stable low-profile car ramp you can buy.

The 67″ version has a 10.8 degree incline raising the car 10″ and can hold tires 12″ wide.

Both ramp sets weigh about 15 lbs. per ramp, can hold a vehicle up to 3000 lbs., and come as one- or two-piece. HD ramps have a 5000 lb capacity.

Race Ramps rr-xt 67" service ramp










1 piece construction

3000 lb capacity $292.60 


race ramps rr-xt-2 service ramp 67" inch 2 piece










2 piece construction 

3000 lb capacity $334.40


race ramps rr-xt-2-hd 2 piece 67" inch service ramp

2 piece construction

5000 lb capacity $403.75

Special order item


race ramps 67" inch utility ramps