QTP Dual Oval Cut Outs w/ MME Ground n' Pound Turn Downs

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QTP dual  oval cut outs with Merican Motorsports Ground n' Pound Turn Downs

QTP Dual Oval Cut Outs:  The low profile cutout designed for vehicles with limited ground clearance.  QTP oval electric cutouts feature a new low-profile design for any car or truck that has limited ground clearance. You can have the best of both worlds, they're quiet for the street, and wide open for the strip.

These electronically controlled exhaust valves bolt to standard cutouts, and can be opened and closed from inside the car with the flip of a switch. Using the convenient interior-mounted switch, you can go from stealth quiet to wide-open power.

You control the volume, and you control the flow. Fits any car or truck, from old-school muscle cars to high-tech imports.

Ground n' Pound Turn Downs. Fully tig welded and powder coated mirror black. 

QTP's oval low profile kit has the option for turn downs. However they are more like "visors" than they are legitimate "turn downs". They do not provide any of the benefits that make turn downs desirable. These turn downs nearly eliminate all dirty exhaust sounds including raspy, pinging, farm truck Flowmaster backfiring sounds. They also direct the hot exhaust gas away from the underside of your car which quiets exhaust noise inside the car so you can carry on a conversation in the car even with your cut outs open. They also provide that Ground n' Pound echo effect which makes turn downs so desirable. 

These turn downs are made from cnc lasor cut flanges that match the bolt pattern of QTP's Oval Cut Outs. Next 2 pieces of matching diameter oval tube are cut at specific angles on both ends to allow for a gradual sloping turn down rather than the QTP's "visor" style. Next the 2 pipes and flanges are Tig welded together. 

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