Cadillac cts-v fuel pump access hatch

  • $ 100,000.00


Merican Motorsports fuel pump access hatch.

Fits 2nd gen cts and ctsv sedan, coupe, and wagon. Compatible with oem replacement and all aftermarket fuel systems.

The 2009-2015 CTS-V has both a primary and secondary fuel pump which can on occasion need replaced, or upgraded to support the demands of additional horsepower.  Accessing the fuel system is a very time consuming and/or expensive undertaking which discourages some owners from modifying their cts-v past the limitations of the stock fuel pumps.  Whatever the reason, if you need to access the fuel pumps on your 09-15 cts or cts-v sedan, coupe, or wagon this kit makes the overwhelming chore a breeze and also provides quick access for any future needs!

Just the labor to gain access to the the fuel pumps can take 10+ hours and cost $1000++ in labor charges!  

Without this kit accessing the fuel system requires dropping the exhaust, entire rear cradle, and fuel tank. With this kit you don't have to drop any of that! 

This install can easily be done by the do it yourself type in as little as an hour. The kit includes instructions and illustrations showing you the exact location of where to cut. This can be done with a cutting wheel, shears, or even a pair of tin snips. It even shows you what is underneath each cut required so you don't damage any fuel lines or wiring by mistake. The kit includes a cnc shear cut and bent aluminum hatch (twice as thick as the floor it's replacing), a 3m rubber seal which provides an air/ water tight seal, full color instructions, and all required mounting hardware.

Another great benefit of this kit is it enables you to re-access your pumps in a matter of 2-3 minutes once installed. Its not uncommon to seat a pump improperly during install and discover that you need to pull the pump basket again to make minor adjustments. Its also possible you may decide to upgrade again down the road, or even need to replace another failed pump at some point. Whatever the case pulling the fuel pump basket is a breeze once this kit is installed.

There's an elbow on top of the fuel pump basket that is a very common cause of fuel leaks. If you are installing this kit to fix a fuel leak of any kind use tin snips to cut the access hole. Using a cutting wheel or any other method that causes a spark is extremely dangerous and can lead to a fire and/or explosion. Be smart, keep your eyebrows.


Guaranteed fitment- If by some chance you encounter a quality or fitment issue contact us asap and we will be happy to get a replacement sent out imediately.

If you have any questions during install, feel free to shoot us an email at

Ships in raw aluminum which will not rust. 


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