MME custom Cadillac cts-v coupe Aventador exhaust tip

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This single outlet tip is designed to match the rear bumper exhaust outlet shape, size, and contour on your 2011-2015 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. 

Lip options include the thinner 3/16" thick lip or the thicker 1/2" inch rolled lips. The 1/2" inch lips match the width of the oem trim surrounding the exhaust tip giving it a more oem appearance. The first image below shows a 1/2" rolled lip version in our TRIPLE DIPPED show chrome finish option. The second is of a 3/16" lip version in the raw steel finish option.

 cadillac cts-v coupe custom aventador single outlet exhaust tip

All MME Chrome plating is performed locally by a high end plating shop specializing in the restoration and plating of oem classic car parts for high end show quality restorations.  All MME products get their highest quality chrome plating option- Triple dipped show chrome.  

The plating process used consists of the following steps- electropolishing, sanding any surface imperfections, copper electroplating, more polishing, nickel electroplating, more polishing, and finally chrome electroplating.  

This is a very meticulous and time consuming process but the result is a breath-taking high quality chrome that is nothing short of flawless and second to none. This is well beyond the quality standards of oem automotive production plating process's.

 single exit kpe mme Aventador Cadillac headers mods

Oem tips are held in place by by rubber exhaust hangers which can sag over time. This causes the exhausts to hang lower and sometimes slightly off center. This is much less noticeable with oem style tips but very noticeable if our tip is installed. Due to other variations with aftermarket exhaust kits the only 1 size fits all solution was to not cut holes for the exhaust pipes. So light fabrication is required during install. Once your current exhaust tips have been removed you mark where your exhaust pipe contacts the rear of the tip and cut the 2 holes out with either a hole saw or a torch. This process adds a few extra minutes to the install but it ensures exact fitment regardless of which exhaust has been installed on the car.

Tips are made to order. Lead time is usually 1-2 weeks to ship depending on the options selected. (Currently 4p weeks out)

The dual tip version in the video below has been discontinued.