AEM 320lph drop in twin pump upgrade kit

  • $ 225.00
  • Save $ 14

These AEM 320l ph fuel pumps are a drop in upgrade for the oem 190 lph fuel pumps found on the 09-15 CTS-V.  Some of the cts-v's running these pumps have experienced the fpcm check engine codes  (as seen with the dw300 pump upgrade).  Fortunately HP Tuners has stepped up with version 3.5 and now allows for the codes to be disabled. Thankfully there's no longer any need to choose between living with an unsightly CEL on your Cadillac or dealing with the downtime and additional cost involved with sending your fpcm out to be flashed. 

Pricing includes 2 AEM 320lph pumps. 

  • The AEM 320lph E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump is designed for in-tank mounting on high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles
  • The 320lph E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank fuel pump includes a wiring harness, pre filter and O-rings. Every AEM 320lph E85-Compatible Fuel Pump is tested to flow 320 lph at 43 PSI before it is packaged for sale
  • Tested and compatible with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100 and all types of gasoline

Add the MME CTS-V fuel pump access hatch kit to your order for only $114 more ! For more info on the benefits of our fuel pump access hatch kit (regularly $129) click HERE.

Additional bundle discounts are available on our hatch kit when purchased with injectors, fore fuel systems, or the p&p 402 dyno flex fuel sensor. Shoot us an email at for details.