402 Dyno Flex Fuel Plug and Play CTS-V 09-15 6.2L LSA

  • $ 349.00
  • Save $ 51


The 402 Dyno kit is a plug and play kit, no extra wiring is needed. Comes fully assembled ready to install.

They use a harness that plugs right into the provided fuel composition sensor, run a lead to the factory ecu connector with a terminal already crimped on and a ground lead that goes to a body ground right next to the ecu. They gain power by a harness that plugs right in line of the evap solenoid. They provide a GM fuel composition sensor with the line and fittings already assembled. This uses quality PTFE -8 line with crimped hose ends, 3/8s fuel line adapters that won't leak or fail. Install is no more than 20 minutes and looks extremely clean.