QTP electric exhaust cut-out kits

MME only offers QTP electric exhaust cut outs. There are others on the market but none have proven as reliable as QTP. Check out our MME Turn Downs made for QTP's low profile exhaust cut outs. Being the manufacturer of turn downs for QTP cutouts and a dealer for QTP means we can offer you the best package pricing on the web !

The low profile cutouts are specifically designed for vehicles with limited ground clearance. 

Our oval electric cutouts feature a new low-profile design for any car or truck that has limited ground clearance. You can have the best of both worlds, they're quiet for the street, and wide open for the strip. These electrically controlled exhaust valves can be opened and closed from inside the car with the flip of a switch.

Using the convenient interior-mounted switch, or the optional wirelessly controlled kit you can go from stealth quiet to wide-open power. You control the volume, and you control the flow. 

Fits any car or truck, from old-school muscle cars to high-tech imports